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Monday, November 20, 2017, 14:00

PerfectMail 3.7.176-3

This maintenance release contains code improvements resulting in tighter, faster, more isolated core filtering code.

Rollout will be from Nov 20 - 23.


  • Domains rewrite: Rewrite/improvement of domain data structures in core filter code. The update resulted in code that is tighter, faster, isolated and thread-safe. Isolation now exists within the domain module rather than in the main thread.
  • Extended backup functionality to allow for batch/script processing.
  • Created a "create_backup" maintenance script.
  • Reduce verbosity of post_install script.
  • Bug: Fixed a bug in the geoip update maintenance process.
  • Minor improvements to server validation functionality.
  • Bug: Fixed a problem with alternate mailer port expansion code.
  • Consolidate dashboard interface to only show the twitter feed, but included a link to the RSS feed.
  • Reformat support section in the dashboard.
  • OCR: Minor code improvements resulting from Coverity code analysis.
  • Code improvements to str*trim library functions.

-- Development Team

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