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Antispam Services

All PerfectMail editions, including PerfectMail Cloud, provide the following services

PerfectMail Services

PerfectMail Antispam provides inbound and outbound messaging hygiene/filtering services with antimalware, antispam, antivirus and unwanted content blocking. We offer:

  • Highly redundant deployment options and licenses that allow you to provision primary/secondary mail exchangers, Disaster Recovery back up machines and more. PerfecctMail's configuration can be backed up from one machine and restored to another machine to simplify migrating or replicating your configuration to a new server. PerfectMail runs on quality PCs and servers that support redundant storage and robust, reliable hardware (e.g.: ECC memory, redundant power supplies, hot swap hardware, etc.)
  • Accurate, effective spam filtering with better than 99.5% filter accuracy and less than 0.1% false positives (with PerfectMail acting as both inbound and outbound ESMTP gateways)
  • Bulk e-mail protection through our sophisticated Spamvertiser detection/blocking network
  • Virus defense by blocking e-mails with dangerous/unwanted attachments
  • Phishing and fraud defenses with sender reputation and web link validation checks
  • Denial of Service (DoS) and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) protection against e-mail¬† attacks. Even under extreme pressure, PerfectMail continues to service e-mail traffic from known peers

PerfectMail also provides enhanced e-mail privacy and security with

  • Infrastructure outside of the United States and is out of reach of the NSA's data capture activities
  • Ability to force e-mail encryption between peers to ensure that no e-mail is ever sent in cleartext
  • Ability to force strong encryption options to ensure your message stays private

PerfectMail is safe, secure and easy to configure and use:

  • Primary and Secondary Mail Exchanger (MX) services available
  • Mail queuing ensures that no inbound e-mail is lost when your mail servers are off-line or your Internet connection is unavailable
  • E-mail recovery provides you with ability to recover individual user, domain or site traffic going back for weeks
  • E-mail review and redirect gives management the power to review past e-mail exchanges between any employee and peer (subject to data retention SLA)
  • Off-site disaster preparedness services allows you to continue to process e-mail if your mail server infrastructure should experience a failure (contact us for details)

Key Benefits

  • No infrastructure to buy, house, administer, back up or recover
  • Maintain user productivity by eliminating distractions and simplifying e-mail management
  • Reduce threats by filtering out viruses, spam, malware, advertising and phishing messages
  • Enforce acceptable use policies, improve management oversight and control
  • Switch over with no e-mail service interruptions
  • Integrate PerfectMail into your environment in 30 minutes or less


The result? PerfectMail just works. No pain, low cost, easy to install/administer/use.

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