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Free PerfectMail Anti Spam

Can I Get PerfectMail For Free?

The answer to this question is a qualified yes! We have a number of programs and promotions in place that allow anyone to get PerfectMail for free (obviously, some form of restrictions apply). We have 5 options at present that allow you to download and run PerfectMail for free. They are:

Free Trial License

You can download and install PerfectMail into a Virtual Machine or a physical server at no charge. You can then configure, register and use PerfectMail with all features active and no restrictions, for up to 90 days. After 90 days, you must acquire a permanent license (features and pricing) to continue running PerfectMail.

Free Permanent License

We offer completely free, perpetual PerfectMail licenses that are suitable for very small organizations (up to 10 people), sole practicioners and budget challenged organizations. To find out more, check out Pricing and look under the Free Version column for features and scalability.

Free NFR Licenses for VARs & Integrators

We love our partners. We offer them great margins, excellent support and free Not-For-Resale PerfectMail licenses. These licenses are intended to be use for a Value Added Reseller's own mail server, for product demonstration and for training/learning purposes. VARs may pick from any license on our Pricing page. Click for details on our NFR program.

Free NFR Licenses to Consultants & Influencers

We know how much trust people place in their technology consultants. We offer consultants, e-mail bloggers and other influencers completely free Not-For-Resale PerfectMail licenses for use on their own mail servers. Consultants may pick from any license on our Pricing page. Click for details on our NFR program.

Free or Discounted Licenses to Charities, NGOs

Do you work for a registered charity or Non-Government Organization? If so, we know how tight your budgets are. We offer Registered Charities and Registered NGOs free perpetual PerfectMail licenses. Click for details on our NFR program.

Discounted Licenses to Schools

Do you work for any kind of educational institution or school board? If so, we know your budgets are tight too. We offer deep discounts on PerfectMail licenses (up to 50% off retail). Click for details on our NFR program.

Free to Anyone with a Really, Really Good Story!

Do your special circumstances warrant a free license? Did we leave you out from the above free license options? If so, contact us, tell us your story and ask us for consideration. We will carefully consider your situation and may offer you either a discounted or free license (subject to review, our decision is final!).

Please contact us with your special story!


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