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Free PerfectMail Anti Spam - The Fine Print

How to get PerfectMail at substantial discounts or even free... We offer PerfectMail for free to:

Consultants, VARs and Integrators

All we ask in return for your free PerfectMail license is that you:

  • Install the product and use it only for your business. You may not use the license to protect unrelated or 3rd party mail servers or domains
  • You cannot sell the license to any other business entity or person
  • We can terminate the license without notice and without penalty if we suspect violations of the above
  • You use the product in your sales/marketing efforts
  • We can ask you to demonstrate your elegibility for this progam. We may ask you to demonstrate that you run a VAR/Integrator business, that you are a technical professional working in the area of e-mail, etc.
  • That you agree that we have final say on the use/continued use of the license and that you agree to abide by our decisions

We hope, that in exchange for a license for our product you would consider:

  • Promoting PerfectMail to your customers and business prospects
  • Consider writing reviews, comments, blogs or articles on PerfectMail
  • Posting information on your company web site, blog, etc. indicating that you use PerfectMail
  • Create links between your company web site, blog, etc. back to



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