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Thursday, July 05, 2012, 12:19

How do I configure my PerfectMail server?

Category: Configuration

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How do I configure my PerfectMail server? How can I add users and domains? How can I adjust spam filter settings or enable/disable modules?


Your PerfectMail server has configuration options for the server as a whole, domains and e-mail addresses, and filter settings. You can configure settings for each filter, including enabling/disabling using our web-based Administrators Interface.

General Server Settings:

For General Server Settings refer to the "Server Admin" menu. This menu contains entries to manage server-specific settings for your PerfectMail, including settings such as: Network, Backups, Time, Archiving, User Management, etc.

The "Server Settings" page (i.e. "Server Admin=>Server Settings") contains settings related to:

Domain and Address Settings:

Each domain, and the addresses contained within, can be managed using the "Domain Admin=>Domains" page on the Web Interface. Select a domain, by clicking on the domain name, and edit the available Mail Host, Filter and Message Trailer settings.

To edit settings for particular e-mail addresses, click the "E-mail Address Maintenance" button in the bottom right corner of the Mail Host tab, when viewing the settings for a particular domain. The Address Maintenance page allows you to create and manage defined e-mail addresses for a particular domain. Select an e-mail address to manage by clicking on the desired "user name". Each e-mail address has settings that specify how e-mail is handled and additional settings for the Self-Service Console and E-mail Activity Reports.

Filter Settings:

The "Filters" menu offers pages to configure filtering of servers, domains, addresses and content.

To adjust filter settings, including enabling and disabling specific filters and modules, go to the "Filters=>Filter Settings" page.

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