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Monday, August 12, 2013, 13:08

How does PerfectMail support work? What is billable?

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How does PerfectMail support work? Will you charge me for every question I have?


PerfectMail support is grouped into billable and non-billable support. Non-billable Support Incidents include:

- Customer feedback
- Feature requests
- Bug reports
- General Q&A, etc.

For Q&A we recommend searching our website for information as a first step. We maintain a KnowledgeBase of information that we regularly contribute to. If you can't find information on our website, send us an e-mail and we'll a) send you the answer and b) create a KnowledgeBase article so others can get the same information.

Billable Support:
Billable Support incidents include those items that are not deemed to be the direct responsibility of our development or support team, such as:

- Investigations into issues where the solution is readily available on the KnowledgeBase or on the Interface.
- Investigations into "why" e-mail is treated a certain way, or followup with external e-mail senders.
- System maintenance that we would normally be provided by the customer.
- Investigation of configuration and server issues that are not directly related to the PerfectMail product itself.

Basically, if there is something wrong with our system, or if we don't provide sufficient information for you to perform an investigation yourself the Support Incident is NOT billable. We will assist you with the issue and/or update our product and/or KnowledgeBase to ensure either the problem is resolved or that you can perform the investigation yourself.

If you have the tools/information to reasonably be able to diagnose or perform the tasks you need to do but either lack the expertise or inclination to deal with the issue in house, then this would become a Billable Support Incident. Often Billable Support Incidents occur when the local admin does not have sufficient experience/training with e-mail/SMTP to understand the basic ideas of what happens during an e-mail exchange at the SMTP protocol level.

Most of our customers will rarely "burn" a support incident, so 1 or 2 incidents per year is a reasonable number. In fact, I believe we has communicated several times already and non of these exchanges have resulted in a billable incident, (unlike the behavior you may experience with some other vendors.)

If you want to push off your local e-mail administrative and diagnostic tasks to our support staff, we are happy to assist you. These tasks would be Billable Support Incidents where we would log into your server and perform diagnostics or administration. For this sort of support you can purchase a Support Pack (of varying sizes) to ensure you have the support you need. We can send you pricing for this (available on our website) if you are interested in this sort of service.

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