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Friday, June 29, 2012, 11:50

Is PerfectMail PCI compliant?

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Is the PerfectMail anti-spam solution PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliant?


Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance does not apply to a particular technology element within an organization; rather it reflects the state of the organization itself.

PerfectMail can be part of your PCI complient e-mail system.

PerfectMail anti-spam is an edge-device supporting TLS encryption, allowing for the sending and receiving of secure data across public networks using the SMTP protocol. Using HTTPS administrators can also manage their PerfectMail server in a secure manner. Review the PCI compliance guidelines and take the necessary precautions with the setup and configuration of your PerfectMail appliance to ensure PCI compliance.

With mail systems, often the option of TLS encryption is present, however plain text transmission exists as a fallback measure when TLS encryption is not available when sending or receiving from remote systems. PerfectMail gives you the ability to ensure the encryption of e-mail traffic to sensitive locations by offering a Force Encrypt option. With Force Encrypt, e-mail traffic sent or received to specified servers and e-mail domains MUST be encrypted or the e-mail connection is refused.

Link to the official PCI Data Security Standard:

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