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Friday, July 06, 2012, 09:29

How do I set up SMTP Recipient Filtering with Plesk?

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How do I enable SMTP Recipient Filtering with my Plesk server to perform recipient verification/validation?


By default Plesk does not validate e-mail recipients during the SMTP transaction; rather Plesk will accept all incoming e-mail, process them and return a Non Delivery Report (NDR) for undeliverable e-mail.

Plesk offers configuration options to:

Best practice is to "Reject undeliverable e-mail" otherwise known as "SMTP Recipient Filtering". This verification option allows PerfectMail to automatically detect and record valid e-mail addresses on your Plesk e-mail server. It also prevents the creation of E-mail Backscatter.

To configure SMTP Recipient Filtering for your Plesk server, perform the following:

  1. Click the Domains shortcut in the navigation pane.
  2. Click the required domain name in the list.
  3. Click Mail.
  4. Click Preferences.
  5. Choose a desired option ("Reject undeliverable e-mail") and specify the information as required.
  6. Click OK.

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Updated: Friday, July 06, 2012, 09:29

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