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Thursday, June 28, 2012, 16:04

How can I check the health or verify the configuration of my PerfectMail server?

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How does PerfectMail ensure the server is functioning correctly? How can I tell if there are ny problems with my server or if there is anything I need to do to make it function better?


PerfectMail has a Validation Script that runs every 15 minutes looking for potential server, network, mail server and configuration issues. The Validation Script generates errors and warnings which are reported on the Administrator's Web Interface.

After resolving any warning or error conditions, the validation script will automatically clear any warning or error messages. You can initiate the validation script manually on the PerfectMail Dashboard screen.

PerfectMail tests it's configuration with respect to the Internet assuming it is a live environment. This may raise some warnings that you may not expect. For example, local DNS settings will not be reflected on Public DNS servers. For example, creating temporary DNS records in your local DNS may trigger a warning by PerfectMail if it cannot find those same records in the Public DNS space.

In general warnings are raise issues regarding best practices; they usually refer to issues where other anti-spam solutions may negatively impact your e-mail flow.

When running PerfectMail in a test/sandbox environment, keep these environmental things in mind. Warnings may be raised because of the test/sanbox environment and should be ignored. (There is a "hide" link in the bottom right corner of the warning box to hide such messages.)

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Updated: Thursday, June 28, 2012, 16:04

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