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Monday, August 12, 2013, 13:45

Is there any way to stop all bounce messages from coming to my server?

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I really don't want to see any bounce messages. I simply don't care. Is there any way to stop all bounce messages from arriving on my server?


RFC 2142 ( describes commonly used (and expected) e-mail addresses. A couple of addresses are expected to be valid on your server, namely postmaster@ and abuse@. Further, mail servers expect to be able to send messages from these commonly defined e-mail addresses to your users. If these e-mail addresses are missing (or blocked) your mail server may be considered to be a spam source and may receive a poor reputation. We do not recommend rejecting e-mail for commonly expected e-mail addresses.

However, you can configure PerfectMail to accept message but not deliver them! PerfectMail can accept e-mail, record it your E-mail Activity and then discard the message. To the sender it looks like the e-mail was sent, but you will not receive the message in your inbox. But, you can still view the e-mail using your E-mail Activity Report.

To add senders to the No Delivery List, log in to the Administrators Web Interface and navigate to "Filters > Sender > No Delivery List tab". You can add complete e-mail addresses here or the "name" portion of the e-mail address, such as "postmaster@".

To stop bounce messages from arriving in your inbox add the following entries to the No Delivery List:



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Updated: Monday, August 12, 2013, 13:45

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