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Monday, October 07, 2013, 10:32

My PerfectMail server says there are network issues that I can't find. What's going on?

Category: Configuration

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Several times through the day I have received error messages saying there are network errors and then sending recovery messages. What is going on? There are no known network or DNS issues on my network that I am aware of.


PerfectMail has a Validation Script that runs every 15 minutes looking for potential server, network, mail server and configuration issues. The Validation Script generates errors and warnings which are reported on the Administrator's Web Interface. When PerfectMail does identify an issue it will retry testing a number of times, after waiting for short pauses, to reduce the number of warning/error messages it generates. Often a test must fail nine (9) times before a warning is generated.

Because PerfectMail is actively testing your infrastructure it may identify issues you may not normally be aware of. This most often occurs when transient network/connectivity issues occur. Sometimes transient issues with resolve themselves after a short time span. You may find when you manually test the issue it has already be resolved.

Examples of this sort of network behavior can include ISP maintenance activity, restricted bandwidth due to very large file downloads, etc.

If server validation warning messages occur infrequently you can ignore them. However, consistent ongoing warning messages may signify potential problems with your network infrastructure.

After resolving any warning or error conditions, the validation script will automatically clear any warning or error messages.

You can find the Server Status summary on the Dashboard in the Server Status box. Detailed validation results are available under "Reports > Server Status". You can run the validation script manually on the PerfectMail Dashboard screen using the "Validate Server Settings" button. To configure the validation tests go to "Server Admin > Server Settings > Validation (tab).

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Updated: Monday, October 07, 2013, 10:32

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