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Wednesday, July 04, 2012, 11:02

Why am I getting warning messages about delayed messages?

Category: Troubleshooting

Solution ID: 00000140


WARNING: 1 messages were delayed in the last 7 days!!! Please review your license to ensure you have sufficient resources to support your e-mail load.


The PerfectMail validation script looks for situations where your PerfectMail server may be at risk. Different PerfectMail Editions provide for different resource levels, allowing for more spam filtering and e-mail throughput. If your server is under-provisioned you may need to increase your hardware resources or acquire a more appropriate PerfectMail Edition. Our different offerings are available on our Pricing Page, included recommended user counts.

If the above warning counts are for a relatively small number of messages then this warning message can be safely ignored. A small number of delayed messages can be expected during short spikes in spam activity or other e-mail blasting situations. If the number of delayed messages becomes more significant, then some analysis and action may be required.

Note: PerfectMail will shortly be updating our code to suppress warning messages for very small numbers of delayed messages, as this is normal behavior.

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Updated: Wednesday, July 04, 2012, 11:02

-- David Rutherford


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