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Thursday, August 08, 2013, 10:58

Announcing PerfectMail Anti-Spam v3.7.0

PerfectMail release 3.7.0 is scheduled for Monday August 12, 2013. The latest installation ISO file will be available on our download page ( and a staggered upgrade of PerfectMail production servers will begin at that time. Expect your server to auto-upgrade itself between Monday and Wednesday.

This latest release includes significant improvements to our filtering technologies. Focus was applied to our content analysis engines with improvements on our URL Analysis, Bayesian Analysis and Spam Profile engines. Updates were made to our anti-spam engine and the installation/upgrade process was greatly improved with much shorter install/upgrade times. Focus was also placed on spam/ham training mechanisms, along with other improvements to the user interface, with more improvements to come in the near future.

As always we continue to enhance and extend our anti-spam techniques. This release contains an introduction to new foundational elements that we will continue to build on including new database infrastructure, GeoIP location identification and introduces our new Dynamic HoneyPot engine.

PerfectMail is now using CentOS6.X for its Operating System. The new ISO, for installing new PerfectMail instances, will be available on our website ( on Monday.

Continuing our commitment to virtualization, this new release supports Hyper-V 2012 along with all other major server virtualization platforms; including VMware, Hyper-V, Preserver, etc.

Bayesian Analysis
Improvements to the Bayesian Analysis engine made. Adjustments were made to fine tune the e-mail sample set used for analysis and adjustments were made to improve the algorithm. The auto-training algorithm was also improved and functionality was introduced to re-mediate unbalanced Bayesian sample sets and to improve scoring for small sample set (i.e. newly reset) databases.

There is a new Bayesian configuration page on the Administrators Web Interface (Filters > Filter Settings > Bayesian tab). This page contains both statistical information and configuration settings for controlling the Bayesian filters. We have also introduced new functionality to reset the Bayesian database via a button on this page.

Dynamic HoneyPots
PerfectMail now uses Local Dynamic HoneyPots for taking spam samples at the local level. The SpamTrap/HoneyPot technique is still supported and recommended. The new Dynamic HoneyPot engine adds a great new dimension to our spam filtering technology, taking local spam samples rather than relying on distant centrally configured servers.

Organization Edge Awareness
While we consider it best practice to use your PerfectMail server as an Edge Filtering device, it can also operate behind other SMTP infrastructure elements including secondary MX servers. Configure such devices as "incoming relay servers" (Domain Admin > Relays). PerfectMail will then adaptively analyze incoming e-mail, performing reputation tests on the mail server that sent the message to your organization rather than your local e-mail infrastructure devices.

KnowledgeBase Articles
We continue to add KnowledgeBase articles as part of our ongoing process of providing as much information to our clients as possible. You can find information describing features, configuration options and Best Practices on our website at

The Upgrade Process
We have a 72 hour post install availability window, where staff must be available to deal with any upgrade issues. If there is a scheduling issue where we are understaffed the release is delayed until a 72 hour window is available.

The upgrades themselves occur seamlessly on your PerfectMail server. The latest upgrade is downloaded to your server; after which mail services are suspended  and the upgrade is applied. The total downtime is usually about 30 seconds, with no loss of e-mail.

We have a staggered upgrade release schedule to minimize any disruption to your Mail Server. Prior to general release PerfectMail is tested on our Development, Alpha and Beta sites. After successful deployments through these three server groups it becomes available for general
release, being pushed to upgrade groups: 'A', 'B' and 'C' in a progressive release schedule. The staggered release schedule means you may not receive your upgrade on the first day of the release, depending on your upgrade group.

After the upgrade is finished your PerfectMail server server will send you an e-mail notification.

-- David Rutherford


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