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Thursday, July 06, 2023, 13:56

We're disentangling from Social Media


We are in the process of disentangling our messaging systems from popular Social Media Platforms. We were leveraging these platforms with our various products to provide a more integrated environment for our clients and users. Our approach was, through integration, to provide you with easy access to messaging from our products through various online social environments. Sadly this integrated approach is no longer workable.

Over the last little while we've seen actions from various Social Media Platforms that, in our point of view, make the use of those platforms less reliable. It's not only us and our products. Many organizations are feeling pressure as popular platforms appear to be changing their relationships with their users and organizations that integrate with them.

We will continue to make announcements on various sites, but our websites and products will be much less integrated with the various popular Social Media platforms.

-- David Rutherford


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