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PerfectMail Competitive Upgrades

Tired of the cost, complexity and overhead of your old antispam product? Want to upgrade to PerfectMail but don't have the budget to replace what you've been using? Are you looking at having to pay a yearly renewal invoice for a product you don't want? We can help.

PerfectMail is pleased to announce our Competitive Upgrade promotion, that lets you can trade in your old antispam product for PerfectMail!


Program Details

Under this program, you can trade in any competitive antispam hardware product (like Barracuda or Fortinet) or software product (like GFI) for a comparable or superior PerfectMail license.

How Do I Qualify?

To qualify, you must:

  • Be a current or recent user of a competitive antispam product. To verify that you own a competing product, we require that you provide us proof of ownership (such as a copy of the invoice you paid to acquire the product), or
  • Own a competitive product that is covered by a support agreement with your legacy vendor, or be out of support for no more than 6 months (we will ask you to verify elegibility by sending us a copy of your yearly maintenance and support invoice)
  • Agree to retire your current antispam product from service no more than 90 days after successfully switching over to PerfectMail

What Do I Get?

If you qualify for our Competitive Upgrade program, we will:

  • Review your existing antispam product features and capabilities
  • Make a decision on the PerfectMail edition that is the closest fit to those capabilities. Or, you can upgrade to a higher PerfectMail license tier by simply paying the difference!
  • Provide you with PerfectMail license entitlement(s) for the best matching PerfectMail edition. One PerfectMail license will be provided for each competing product you retire under this program
  • Provide PerfectMail User and Domain license instances and entitlements to match or exceed the entitlements offered by the product(s) you are retiring

What Does It Cost?

Your upfront license cost will be set at the lower of:

  • The yearly maintenance and support cost your old antispam vendor is charging you for your existing product (e.g.: if you are using vendor XYZ and they have sent you a $1,500 invoice for yearly maintenance and support), your cost to upgrade to PerfectMail will be $1,500, or
  • If your legacy product is so expensive that purchasing a full PerfectMail license would be less costly than your yearly maintenance fee, we will charge you only the cost of your PerfectMail license (this actually happens a lot!).

You also agree:

  • After your first year, you agree to keep your PerfectMail license(s) up to date by paying yearly maintenance and support invoices for a minimum of 3 years from the date you switch to PerfectMail (early cancellation penalties apply)
  • In the first year, you are entitled to the number of support incidents that come with the PerfectMail Edition provided. After that, support will be provided on a pre-paid basis only.


Interested? Want to know more or check to see if you qualify? Please contact us for more information.

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