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Change Log

Upgrades take a few days to propagate through the client servers. Please be patient.


Upcoming maintenance release updates: (work in progress)

  • Email Activity - An internal server, listed as an outbound relay server, that uses PM as a relay host to an address within the organization will incorrectly show the message as Outbound instead of Inbound.


2017-06-26 PM 3.7.169-3 (Scheduled Release)

  • Domains - Address auto-discovery will sometimes not flip the default user settings.
  • Domains - Address auto-discovery was not working in certain situations.
  • Bug in Filter Settings affecting Bayes List Scaling.
  • Force Encryption is broken in some instances.
  • Email Actiivity - Outgoing messages that are blocked are not displayed.
  • Reimplement server certificate management interface.
  • Implement a certificate sanity check script to check and auto-recover from cerfitificate issues.
  • Personal Filters - Block unknown senders format issue was fixed
  • Personal Filters - Black/White Lists display error in the Self-Service Console
  • Fixed a problem delaying GeoIP database updates. GeoIP database is now updated weekly.


2016-09-24 PM 3.7.158-3

  • Bug: Fixed an issue in the attachment decoding code where messages containing > 5000 attachments could crash the service.
  • Bug: Email Activity Report generation had broke due to changes in end user maintenance.


2016-09-19 PM 3.7.156-3

  • Bug: Server Admin > MTA update bug
  • End User Maintenance: Improved address pruning logic
  • End User Maintenance: Auto-discover hosted addresses on password change request
  • Security: Add timeout value for password change request emails
  • SPF library code improvement


2016-09-06 PM 3.7.155-3

  • Implement new integrated RAR archive parser
  • Continued code improvements to mime parsing and attachment scanning
  • Improved blocking of dangerous attachments contained in ZIP archives
  • Additional blocking for dangerous attachments contained in RAR archives


2016-08-31 PM 3.7.154-3

  • Creation of the new change-log on the PerfectMail website (this!)
  • Dashboard link to the new change-log on the PerfectMail website
  • User-trim algorithm improvements
  • Bug: Validation script incorrectly disables SMTP Recipient filter switch for hosted domains
  • Code improvements to mime parsing and attachment scanning; additional blocking for dangerous attachments contained in ZIP archives

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