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Tuesday, May 29, 2012, 06:20

How can I enable Activity Reports and the Self-Service Console?

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How to setup E-mail Activity Reports and the Self-Service Console Setup.


Setting up these features is a Two Step Process. The first step is to set up these features on your server; the second step is to manually configure your users' e-mail accounts to take advantage of these features. We recommend enabling these feature for a few users at first. Then add specific users as needed.

Server Setup

A setup wizard is available on the Server Settings (Server Admin=>Server Settings) page, under the Activity Report tab. This wizard includes the instructions below. Use the wizard to set up these features on your server.

One-click report links are web links in the Activity Report and Self Service Console. These links allow users to manage their e-mail directly from the report or log into the Self Service Console without a password (using an embedded hash code). This is a trade-off between ease of use for users and a security issue. One-click report links let users manage their e-mail using one-click from the report; so no password or other validation is required. Anyone who receives a copy of this report may be able to use the one-click links to access and manage the e-mail for that user. This option required some consideration. An alternative option is to not use one-click links and assign passwords for to each user so they can access the Self Service Console directly, in a more secure manner.

The Local Web Server URL is required to give users the ability to access the Self Service Console or use the One-Click links. If this setting is not correct these features will not function. The Local Web Server URL is the web address that a local user would type into their web browser to access the web interface of the PerfectMail web interface. It is the web address you used to access this interface. (Example: or This setting can be modified using the Server Admin => Server Settings page under Activity Report.

By default, E-mail Activity Reports run daily, but users may select to run them weekly or monthly. Select the weekday to run weekly or monthly reports. Monthly reports will run on the first "day" encountered. You can run the report multiple times throughout the day, on the hour. Weekly and monthly reports run once on the specified report day on the first hour scheduled for the report.

Configure User Accounts

E-mail Activity Reports and the Self Service Console should be configured on your PerfectMail server. You can update these settings at any time on the Server Admin=>Server Settings page, under the Activity Report tab.

The last step in the setup process is to enable these features for specific e-mail addresses. Go to the Domain Admin=>Domains page, click through to Domain Maintenance, then click the E-mail Address Maintenance button at the bottom of the page. This will display defined and discovered addresses for this domain. The last check-box for each user enables the Activity Report for that user. Click the check-box for each user who is to receive this report.

To manage the report/console settings for each user click on that users' name then select either the E-mail Activity Report or Self Service Console tab, as needed.

If a user has e-mail addresses or aliases, just select one e-mail address for the report. You can add a list of e-mail addresses to be included in the report for the main e-mail address, rather than generating multiple reports for each e-mail address.

By default, a random password is automatically generated for each user. The Activity Report includes a link with a hash code so users can click through to the Self Service Console or manage their e-mail from the report directly, without entering a password.

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Updated: Tuesday, May 29, 2012, 06:20

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