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A quarantine is a holding area for e-mail. Anti-spam filters use quarantines when they cannot decide what to do with an e-mail. This creates a problem of E-mail Delivery Uncertainty. The anti-spam solution is uncertain about the disposition of the e-mail (spam or legitimate?) and the sender and recipient are uncertain about the delivery of the e-mail.

"Where is my e-mail from ... ???"

"Why did ... not receive my e-mail???"

Because PerfectMail is a live filtering solution it eliminates the problem of e-mail uncertainty. If PerfectMail accepts the e-mail it is delivered. If PerfectMail rejects the e-mail, this is done during message transmission - guaranteeing the sending server receives the reject status, which is then passed to the sender.

(Of course we can only guarantee delivery of the delivery status to your mail server; we have no control over what your mail server does with this information. In most cases a delivery message is sent to the sender, though sometimes these messages get discarded. This is a local e-mail setting, so your local e-mail administrator can help you with this, if this is a problem you are experiencing.)

Requiring users to check a quarantine for messages is a false economy. The user still needs to review their spam messages and they may have to do it using a separate application or website! All the quarantine has done is added a layer of complexity to checking e-mail. Many users will not check their personal quarantine - EVER. Messages held there are forever lost.

PerfectMail attempts to de-emphasize the quarantine! Our uncertainty rate is small enough that simply forwarding messages with uncertain dispositions removes the need of a quarantine. The trade-off is having a couple of spam messages in your in-box. This compromise ensures no e-mail gets lost. That is e-mail certainty!

Instead of a quarantine PerfectMail offers two simple End-User Empowerment Tools: E-mail Activity Reports and our Self-Service Console. These tools give you more than your quarantine; they give you the ability to manage all of your e-mail.


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