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Searching for E-mail

The PerfectMailâ„¢ Web-UI has some useful features under that Activity menu for searching for specific e-mail addresses. There are two types of reports under this menu: a Raw Log and a selection of Mail Log views.

The Raw Log page displays e-mail activity from the point of view of the Mail Transport Agent (MTA). The data shown has to do with e-mail transactions as opposed to e-mail content. This log is very useful for investigating problems with e-mail delivery. All e-mail activity is recorded here; including e-mail delivery attempts that failed or were incomplete.

All the other views under this menu are concerned with actual e-mail messages. All successful e-mail transactions are shown here, whether the messages were accepted or rejected. You can search for and view messages and how they were filtered.

If you want to find a message and how it was filtered use one of the Mail Log views. If you want to see if the remote mail server was able to communicate with PerfectMail at all use the Raw Log.

The Raw Log is also useful for finding out why an outgoing e-mail may have been rejected by a remote mail server. The response from the remote mail server should be included in the stat= field of the SMTP transaction.

The E-mail Address search fields can only search for protected e-mail addresses. This applies to all e-mail address search fields.

When searching for a specific e-mail, search for the Protected Address of your organization to narrow the search down. You can further filter the search by putting the Outside Address in the Searchfield.

(Searching in the Raw Log view is purely a text based search.)


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