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Score & Forward Setup Configuration

Score & Forward is a more complicated solution, but one that gives your users more control over their e-mail. In this method the PerfectMailâ„¢ server scores each e-mail and adds custom e-mail headers to signify the score or disposition of the message. Your mail server or e-mail client (e.g. Microsoft Outlook) uses these headers to filter the e-mail.

In this implementation:

  • PerfectMail analyzes message
  • PerfectMail discards viruses
  • PerfectMail scores and marks messages based on content
  • All e-mail is forwarded to your computer
  • Mail client separates messages based on filter rules; sorting into in-box or junk folders
  • Users can recover filtered e-mail quickly by checking their junk folder
  • Greatly reduced administrator interaction

The available e-mail headers are as follows:

  • X-PM-Score: 15- Gives the spam score of the e-mail numerically
  • X-Spam-Level: *****- Gives a graphic representation of the spam score. Each '*' represents 5 points of the spam score.
  • X-Spam-Flag: YES - Gives a definitive spam decision based on your thresholds

Filter settings that allow you to implement filter & forward are located in the web interface under Filtering => Filter Settings.

Your e-mail clients or server need to have filters enabled to filter spam based on these mail headers. Instructions for enabling filtering for many popular e-mail clients are in the reference section of this document.


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