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Live E-mail Filtering

PerfectMailâ„¢ is a live filtering solution. E-mail is actively filtered, in real-time, during transmission. The e-mail transmission results in either an accept or reject status.

  • Acceptede-mail is always delivered to the recipient... always!
  • Rejected e-mail is always rejected during transmission.

Rejecting e-mail during transmission has some significant benefits for our customers. We accept or reject a message during the SMTP exchange between mail servers. This means we can leverage the existing e-mail infrastructure to guarantee the sending server receives the rejection status and associated rejection message. This is not a Delivery Status Notification but an actual SMTP response.

The result is E-mail Delivery Certainty. The sender can always be certain if an e-mail destined for a PerfectMailâ„¢ server was delivered. If it is accepted, it is always delivered. If it is rejected the sender always received the rejection message.

Caveat: While we can guarantee the sending server receives the rejection message; we can't control what that server does with it. Most will faithfully pass this rejection message back to the sender; though we have seen instances where this has not happened.


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