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E-mail Filtering Results

Within each Message Group e-mail can be further classified by its Filtering Result.

Quarantined Mail

  • Content-Block- Message was blocked due to content analysis.
  • Word-Block - Message was blocked for content, with a strongscore for words or phrases contained in the e-mail.
  • SPF-BLock - Message was blocked due to a Sender Policy Framework validation failure. SPF can generate false positives occasionally, so these messages are quarantined rather than rejected.

Rejected Mail

  • RBL-Block- Message was rejected because it originiated from a known spam source.
  • Spam-Trap - Message was blocked because it targetted a spam trapaccount.
  • Host-Block - Message was blocked because the sending e-mail server was listed on a local black list on the PerfectMailserver.
  • Sender-Block - Message was blocked because the sending e-mail address was listed on a local black list on the PerfectMailserver.
  • Outbound-Block - The outbound message was blocked because it either contained content the server is configured to explicitly reject; or if the "from" address is from other than the hosted (or additionally specified) domains. These settings are configurable in the Administrator's Web Interface.

Refused Mail

  • Virus- Message was refused outright because it contained a virus.
  • Attachment-Block - Message was refused outright because it contained a dangerous executable attachment.

Delivered Mail

  • Accept- Message was accepted and delivered.
  • WhiteList - Message was accepted and delivered and exists on a local white list on the PerfectMailserver.
  • Tag - Message content was questionable. The message may have been tagged as possible spamon the subject line; however it was still accepted and delivered.
  • Reported-Spam - Message was previously accepted but has since been reported as spam. This message was used for training purposes on the local server and sent to a central clearing house for further analysis.

Outbound Mail

  • Outbound - Messages that were sent out to the internet.

Internal Mail

  • Internal - This is a special group to track internal messages in PerfectMail. Normally, PerfectMail only tracks e-mail going to and from the Internet. An optional setting allows your mail server to forward all internal e-mail to PerfectMail for informational purposes only.


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