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Our Philosophy

We take a different view of e-mail than other anti-spam solutions. Our primary focus is not simply blocking unwanted messages, but allowing legitimate messages through.

An e-mail security product should be safe, secure and reliable. PerfectMail™ is based on the following principles:

  1. Legitimate mail must get through
    PerfectMail's first goal is to identify and accept legitimate e-mail. Our unique approach ensures we have extremely low false positive ratings. Business e-mail must get through!

  2. E-mail servers must be protected
    E-mail is business-critical. Mail servers are under constant attack from spammers, hackers and other rogue entities. Using PerfectMail as the first point of contact, you effectively insulate your e-mail server from the Internet.

    Using PerfectMail also reduces the amount of traffic that reaches your mail servers. That means a lower load for your servers; and lower costs for your organization. At many of our sites, PerfectMail's Return on Investment is high enough to cover cost within a few months.

  3. Spam should be stopped at the edge of your network
    You have three opportunities to block spam & viruses: at the edge of your network, on your mail server and on the PC Desktop. Malicious e-mail poses a significant risk to your company's infrastructure; it needs to be blocked as soon as possible. PerfectMail acts as an e-mail firewall, protecting your servers and desktops at the edge of your network.

  4. Information is power
    PerfectMail includes powerful reporting and search tools to show exactly what is happening with your e-mail systems. We provide metrics so you can monitor your infrastructure and make better decisions to ensure you are getting the best return on investment.

  5. Anti-spam solutions should free your users
    Your anti-spam solution should be accurate and effective, without requiring constant attention from administrators and users. Using adaptive techniques PerfectMail is able to self train, freeing up your administrators and users to be more productive. PerfectMail watches your e-mail traffic and learns who you are, who you know and what you do. Your anti-spam solution should not be more onerous than the problem it's trying to solve.

  6. E-mail addresses belong on your website
    Make it easy for your customers to contact you: Put your e-mail addresses on your website! While spammers do harvest e-mail addresses from web sites, PerfectMail makes it safe again. We have tools that identify spammers who gather e-mail addresses from your website - and we stop them.

    At PerfectMail we list our e-mail addresses on our website. See if our competitors do that!

  7. Any solution must be compatible with all mail servers
    PerfectMail acts as an e-mail relay. By filtering e-mail at the protocol level, PerfectMail is compatible with all mail servers, including:

    • Microsoft Exchange™
    • Lotus Notes™
    • Novell GroupWise™
    • Sendmail™
    • and many more

  8. Let you choose your delivery platform
    PerfectMail gives you the power to choose how to implement your e-mail security solution. We deliver our product in several ways to give you the most flexibility.

    • Deploy PerfectMail on your own hardware - Leverage your existing infrastructure by deploying on: IBM™, Dell™ and HP™; or build your own server.

    • Deploy PerfectMail as a Virtual Machine - Virtualization has many benefits for your organization. PerfectMail is developed and delivered on VMware's virtualization products.

    • Order a hosted solution - Have your e-mail filtered at our Class A data center. We'll give you all the benefits of PerfectMail and we'll take care of the server.


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