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Sender Policy Framework (SPF)

SPF allows a sender to verify their authenticity at the e-mail envelope level. The e-mail envelope contains server-centric information concerning details about the e-mail, where it's from, where it's going to and the path that it's taken. This is information that isn't readily accessible to the e-mail user. Think of an e-mail like a real paper-based letter. The envelope contains all the information the post office needs to deliver the letter and return it if there is a problem. It is the same with an electronic-mail envelope. When the e-mail is delivered, your e-mail client discards the envelope and shows you what's in the e-mail itself, just as if you threw away the paper-envelope for a piece of physical maiI.

SPF validates the e-mail at the envelope level, by authenticating the sending server against the e-mail sending address as it is shown on the envelope. The SPF record provides a list of addresses and server types that are allowed to send email on that domain’s behalf. If the domain doesn’t list the originating server as a valid sender, then the email is most likely not genuine and the SPF check will fail.

How to Create your SPF Record

The SPF Record is a DNS Record for your Internet Domain Name. At this time we recommend using MX Toolbox's SPF Record Generator to create an SPF record to put you your DNS records.

NOTE: An SPF record generator is coming to this space soon.

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