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E-mail Activity Reports

E-mail Activity Reports show a digest view of your e-mail. The report is typically sent once a day, though this can be configured by your PerfectMail Administrator.

Each e-mail is assigned a numerical score, generated by our anti-spam engine. The initial score of a message is "0". We use many techniques to scan each message to see how spammy it is. The total value of the tests is the spam score of the message. The larger the spam score, the more spammy the message is; the lower the spam score, the less spammy the message is.

The E-mail Activity Report allows you to manage your e-mail directly from your e-mail client or by clicking through to use our web-based Self Service Console. The action icons in this report will allow you to view, release and resend messages, as well as allowing you to report e-mail as spam to both your server and our spam clearing house for further analysis.


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