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E-mail Authentication

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E-mail Authentication has become more and more important in e-mail infrastructure. There are technical aspects that make this topic a bit difficult to quickly understand, unless you work with these technologies on a regular basis. What you need to know is that e-mail authentication is now critical to your e-mail infrastructure. Large e-mail hosting services such as Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo and others rely on e-mail authentication services to prune out a lot of the spam out there.

If you send a lot of e-mail, you may find large e-mail providers will simply stop accepting your e-mail if e-mail authentication mechanisms are not in place.

E-mail authentication consists of a number of technologies to allow mail servers to verify the legitimacy of an e-mail message. It establishes trust between senders and recipients by ensuring the sender is authenticated in some way. The current e-mail authentication core mechanisms are:

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