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Reporting Spam

You can help in the fight against spam! How? Report it to your anti-spam providor. We rely on your feedback. At PerfectMail we offer several ways to report spam so that reporting can have an immediate impact on your local spam server and assist in our development activities.

A steady stream of spam feedback helps us to develop new tests and gives us a feel of what is actually getting past our filters in the real world.

The simplest way to report spam is to forward your spam messages to Our preference is to forward the messages rather than including them as attachments, but both ways will work.

You can also forward spam directly to your local PerfectMail server if your local DNS entries are configured correctly. Every PerfectMail server has a spam reporting address based on the hostname of the server. So, if your PerfectMail server is called, you can forward your spam to This will help to train your local Bayesian filters and these messages will automatically be forwarded to our central analysis site. Of course, your local DNS server needs to be properly configured to forward e-mail to PerfectMail in this way. Talk to your local network administrator for more information.

The best way to report spam is using the web-based user interface. The Mail Log lets you select messages using check boxes to report them as spam. Some administrators review their messages on a daily basis and report spam messages as they find them. For end-users an E-mail Activity Report and Self Service Console are also available so they can select and report spam without having to rely on their e-mail administrator.


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